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Eden Perfumes

O-M-G I love this product (heart eyes emoji) – I really am now obsessed! Its really rare to find a product that is so good and yet ethical as well. It is a brand that I had heard so many good things about so I was really excited to try the perfumes myself. Eden Perfumes are a family run business from Brighton that make perfumes which are organic, vegan, cruelty free and smell like your favourite high street fragrances but without claiming to be identical. This made me really curious to try out the perfumes and see if their claims live up to the actual product!

As it was my friend’s birthday, I finally had a good reason to get ordering online. I ordered two perfumes, one as a gift and on for myself which arrived promptly within within 3 days

No.83 Vegan Madame – Oriental Woody Women’s
This really does smell identical to Chanel CoCo Mademoiselle. When I gave it to my friend I didn’t give her any expectations of what it should smell like and she immediately said “Oh that is Chanel Mademoiselle Coco!” That’s how good it is! I still have a small quantity of the original perfume at home and I can’t actually tell the difference in the two fragrances. Even 6 hours later the scent on my wrist was still going strong.

No.425 Amber Nuit – Oriental Unisex
I actually bought this perfume in error. I thought I was buying a different perfume so its a little hard to review in terms of comparing it to a high street brand that I’m familiar with. It actually wasn’t to my taste, it does smell expensive but too bold and spicy for me – it is more like a man’s scent. So I gave it to my friend’s husband and he was ecstatic about it, and he isn’t usually into male fragrances. So it made a perfect gift for him.

The small down fall I found with Eden Perfumes is that before I decided to give the perfume as a gift I wanted to send it back and exchange. I found I didn’t get a reply by their contact details on the website. I followed up with a direct message on Instagram and then got the helpful reply I was looking for but it was a week later and I was working on a tighter timescale hence gifting the perfume.

All in all, the positives outweigh this small negative which could have just been a one off! I am so impressed by how long the scents last as so many fade within a few hours. Revisiting my wrist where I did a tester spray for with both perfumes on different days, the original luxurious aromas were still present hours and hours later.

I definitely urge anyone to buy from Eden perfumes in preference to brands that are not ethically produced and often test on animals! Thank you Eden for creating such an awesome perfume for us vegans!













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