Why the blog?

Hey guys, I’m Daisy. I am 27 years old, currently living in the northeast of England and I am starting out with the good intention of creating a Vegan Lifestyle, Nutrition and Sustainability blog.

My prime objectives are to share my tips on plant based nutrition, recipes, travel, product reviews and lifestyle choices with other like-minded people and to build the blog into a homely portal that can be visited for the sharing of experiences. After all, it really is a lifestyle blog that I want to create. I have often found content like this to be so helpful and motivating when reading blogs by other people – in my first blog I will delve in to more details of my vegan journey so far.

Until a year ago I was vegetarian, and had been most of my life, but I felt more and more uncomfortable as I learned that my food choices impacted on the suffering and unnecessary exploitation of animals and so I decided to make the change to veganism. When I made the decision I thought it was all about diet. However, it wasn’t very long before I realised that it was less about diet and more, much more, about lifestyle habits and holistic thinking. With this lifestyle change I gained more and more knowledge on the ethical aspects behind food marketing and consumption, beauty products and clothing. I became increasingly aware of my own carbon footprint, and environmental concerns such as pollution, climate change and global warming became an integral part of my thinking and decision-making process. I realised that I personally was responsible for causing huge damage and destruction to our environment, and worse, for causing pain to living sentient creatures, just because of my irresponsible purchasing and eating habits. The more I learned the more I felt increasingly disappointed that I didn’t know more about these topics sooner, and I became determined to educate myself regarding these matters so that I could make informed decisions and make a positive impact wherever I could. Hopefully my blog will make just a tiny step towards change as I really do believe that every little step will make a difference.

Currently I am a Human Nutrition and Food Science Student at Northumbria University. Research in nutrition is rapidly progressing from year to year and nutrition is now at the forefront of our health, longevity and the prevention of disease. Really what could be more relevant to my thinking vis-à-vis making welfare lifestyle changes?

So enjoy guys, and please feel free to comment and offer any insight. I would really appreciate it as I am a newbie on the blogging scene! I will certainly respond to any comments or questions as I blog away and look forward to being in touch with other likeminded people.


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